2021-09-12: The Resurrection

At my work, we tried creating personal OKRs to have personal milestones for the quarter in addition to framing our company/team’s OKRs.

Below is a snippet of one of the personal OKR I had set for myself in Q1 2021.


It started of well, wrote 3 posts as planned (fortnightly each). I got a little too carried away by my success of achieving an insane 3 posts streak but then stopped writing regular posts after that. I believe that because I publicized that I’ll be writing these posts bi-weekly in Q1 2021, I felt obligated to achieve it.


Excerpt from my first journal post (didn't age well)

Now I have set writing goals for myself. Sunday afternoon writing. Every Sunday, I’ll write something I learned during at my work, hobby projects, life experiences etc.

Resurrection, behind the scenes: midi-macro

One of the reasons why I felt more driven to do regular writing was because of the recent activities on my project, midi-macro. It’s a project which allows you to configure a MIDI controller and use it as a macro pad. So if you have a 61 keys MIDI controller, you essentially have a 61 key macro pad (may sound very counter productive or not much useful, and I concur). This was a one evening weekend project and I left working on it and didn’t bother writing about it. I am working on it again, and will make a post about the project soon.

There were a few PRs on the repository by people who made some really nice additions and fixes to it. One person used it for some image processing tasks by configuring darktable to be controllable with the MIDI controller knobs: https://tfager.github.io/midimacro/.

I realized that I do have things to talk about if I commit to write more frequently. This being one of those instances where I could’ve talked about a weekend project in my blog posts.

So in summary, resurrected an old project and this journal.