On Coldplay

I have been a big Coldplay fan for the last 14 years now. I got introduced to Coldplay in 2012 after the launch of Mylo Xyloto through the song Paradise.

After listening to this album I went back and listened to all their previous albums from Ode to Deodrant (1998) to Mylo Xyloto (2011).


This year I got to watch them live in Bangkok. Me and my friends tried to book this concert’s tickets (for Feb 2024) around June 2023, waking up very early in the morning for 3 days straight, waiting in the online queue, getting disappointed after not getting tickets for their Singapore & Malaysia tour but in the end we got the tickets for Bangkok, Thailand.


Coldplay performing on the secondary stage that was a little closer to our spot

The experience was amazing. It’s surreal when you look around and see yourself in the sea of lights.


I clicked only a few pictures. This doesn't do the justice to how it actually looked there. There were a lot of "you-had-to-be-there moments"


I remember the time when I felt that I HAVE to watch them live. It was because of their live performance of the song “Charlie Brown” at Stade de France, Paris in 2012.


Coldplay once came to India in 2016 for the Global Citizen Festival, this was around the time when I had just started working after college (June 2016). There were some rumors around the tickets costs being around 20k once they get available online. I had posted the below almost 8 years ago about the said rumor and people being critical about it.


The actual tickets were around 15k - 20k and I couldn’t afford it at the time. I was of course a little upset around the time. But I am happy that I got to watch them live this year. There are many bands/artists that I wish to watch them live but Coldplay was right up there at the top that I wanted to watch live and it has happened.

For the last 1-2 years, Coldplay has been touring non-stop around the world, I wonder if Chris Martin actually meant it when he said that there won’t be any Coldplay after 2024. I hope they continue to tour over the years.


I have / had a few bigger bands in my list that I really wish to watch live once in my lifetime:

  1. Coldplay: Bangkok, 2024.
  2. Foo Fighters: I really wish to watch them live after Coldplay. I stopped listening to a lot of recent Coldplay albums/songs as it was not the kind of music that I would enjoy. But, Foo Fighters is the one that I have been following for ever.
  3. Red Hot Chilli Peppers: One of the reason for me to buy a strat was John Fruciante (their guitarist), who in turn was heavily inspired by Jimi Hendrix, another strat player (with insane set up).
  4. Greenday: Singapore, 2022.

Most of my music preference is 70s & 80s rock music. Unfortunately, I cannot watch them live now so as much as I would’ve wanted to listen to the classics, it won’t be possible now.

I listen to (or mostly listen to) Indian artists (Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam) and I wish to watch them live too (I have watched a few). I know I’ll be able to watch them in India as they perform quite often. The list above is only filled with foreign artists, the ones who are less likely to tour in India independently.