Writing training mission for Openhatch

I am grateful to this wonderful community who introduced me to the world of Open Source and I owe them a lot for my success in GSoC, 2015. I learned a lot of new things by interacting with this awesome community.
In the beginning of my journey to Open Source, I learned about few concepts through the training missions of Openhatch (http://openhatch.org/missions/) and now I want to share what I learned in the past 3 months by writing a new training mission for Openhatch. I had written a training mission on “Using the shell” earlier in February this year (http://openhatch.org/missions/shell/about) and now I am looking forward to write a training mission on: using the version control system, mercurial (hg). I am myself a newbie to mercurial and have learned just a little bit during my GSoC project this year. But, still I’ll try to write a good mission by discussing it with the community and will also take some inspiration from the existing missions on SVN and GIT which are quite exciting to follow. 
I would love to hear if anyone has some cool ideas/suggestions for the training mission on mercurial, on how to make it more interactive and make a user more involved with the mission and checking their progress by defining some objectives or some small task which can test if they are learning right or not.
It has been quite some time since I’ve developed on Django, now I am very much excited to write some good stuff and contribute to Openhatch 😀 Will update the progress through blog posts.
I almost forgot to thank Sufjan ! it always helps me to write code 😉 Say hi !