Summrizer: Text summarizer (Introduction)

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EDIT: Completed the project 🙂 see here

I had started working on this project 6-7 months ago. I left it mid-way as I got busy with something else but, now I am again onto this :D. The plan was to create something insanely awesome but, then I recalled few words; someone told me once that first one should create a Minimum Viable Product and then go for more features.

Currently, I am working on a pretty naive text summarizer by implementing a basic text scoring algorithm with some use of NLTK. Although, I’ve worked with Stanford’s CoreNLP earlier, I wanted to exploit the power of NLTK.

I’ve tested the script by summarizing some articles from and compared the summary results with results from some online text summarizing websites like:

After this basic implementation works fine, I’ll try to implement some complex language processing concepts for which I may be dealing with more of NLTK or even CoreNLP (personally, I like Stanford’s CoreNLP more).


I’ve also created a separate branch and initialized it with a Django based web application. Once the script works fine, I’ll try to host this script as a web application for text summarizing. But, my priority and focus is on creating a more efficient summarizing script 😀