made-in-x: Where in the world these products I own are manufactured in?


I have plotted the country of origin of a few of the products that I currently own.

Edit (2021-11-28): Part 2 of this post is here.


One day, I noticed that my nail clipper is “made in Korea” (manufactured by Bell). I am sure a lot of you would’ve noticed that you have nail clippers that are made in Korea. I found an interesting article titled:

Every thing is “Made in China” but nail clippers/cutters are from S.Korea, Why though ??

This gave me an idea to log the country of origin of the products I own. I couldn’t log the data for all the products I own, but I have tried to cover a few categories.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve collected data for 80+ products across various categories (check the categories in the plots below).

To source the data, I looked for straight up “made in x” label on the items, old boxes of the products, online order history and in some cases, looked up on the internet for the country of manufacturing for a brand.

Made in X

Here is a plot of the product categories and the countries they are manufactured in.

Note: Single click on legends to toggle categories and double click to isolate categories

  • Interesting to see that most of the electronics is manufactured in China whereas the electrical products are manufactured in India.
  • Almost all the clothing items are made in India which includes some well known brands.
  • Only USA made products are the music products like guitar strings and some accessories

Where I got these products from?

I also collected data of where I purchased these items from. Below is the plot which shows how I purchased/got these products.

Note: Single click on legends to toggle categories and double click to isolate categories

  • seems to be the go to online shopping for me.
  • The 2 purchases from Flipkart were made only because they were exclusively available on Flipkart.