made-in-x (Part 2): Where in the world these products I own are manufactured in?

This is a revisit and an update to my last year’s blog post, made-in-x where I plotted the country of origin of a few products I own.

I have been keeping the plots updated with all the purchases I have made since. I would recommend people to look at the previous post for the plots of products I had purchased up till October 2020. This post will be mostly the same content but only looking at the purchases of the past 1 year (October 2020 - November 2021).

Previous post here.

For the overall trend and the plots with the complete data you can find them at:

I’ll try to keep these plots updated with my future purchases.

Following is the analysis of purchases from last 1 year.

Made in X

Here is a plot of the product categories and the countries they are manufactured in.

Note: Single click on legends to toggle categories and double click to isolate categories

Where I got these products from?

I also collected data of where I purchased these items from. Below is the plot which shows how I purchased/got these products.

Note: Single click on legends to toggle categories and double click to isolate categories


I have also kept the data used in the plots as public here. I also log the name of the product and the brand which I have not included in the public data.

Last year I started with clicking pictures of the actual “Made in India” like labels engraved/labelled on the products which I have stopped doing now as it’s a little time consuming process. You’ll have to then take my word for these plots.

Since last year, when India started to boycott Chinese manifests and promote Indian goods, e-commerce websites have started putting up a “country of origin” label on almost all the product description section which makes it much easier to find the information than doing things like opening my mouse’s back cover, removing the battery and test if I suffer from farsightedness.


Testing your eyes vs getting the information on the product page


  • Even though there were attempts towards promoting and buying “Made in India” products in India, the trend for me remained the same. The number of Chinese products I got were twice the number of Indian products in the last 1 year (excluding clothing, which biases this “quantity” trend).
  • I didn’t make a single purchase from Flipkart in the past year. Flipkart is among the biggest if not the biggest e-commerce website in India. Just like before, Amazon seemed to be the go to online shopping store for me.
  • Laziness took the better of me and store purchases were negligible, online stores for the win.
  • More than half of the electrical appliances I bought last year were from China which in the overall stats is dominated by India but in the last 1 year it was not the case.
  • For all the music related products and accessories, it was again distributed among China and USA with China taking up the bigger share. I think it’s because of the products falling into the category of electronics as well.

I’ll keep the plots which uses the complete data as active and updated with my future purchases which I mentioned previously in this post.