Bird’s nest on my window

Two Red-whiskered Bulbuls built a nest on my house’s window. I tried to document it.


This window is always slightly opened. There's a wire that goes through it, and I can't close it completely. I saw the birds coming here for a few days now.


Day 0 (2023-04-22): Birds scouting for a place in Bengaluru.


I could hear more bird sounds than normal and I wanted to see what's happening. Found this.


Day 1 (2023-04-23): Freeloaders encroaching upon my sea facing window.

Plan B


Day 2 (2023-04-24): They went with a cantilever build approach. Noobs.


I didn't see the birds for a few weeks. They didn't do any progress and I was out of the city for a week. Came back to see some progress.


Day 21 (2023-05-15): Cantilever approach was slow but seems to be working out a bit.

Shaping it up

It was serious now. I could see them working hard for the next few days.


Day 23 (2023-05-17): Shaping it up nicely now. I stand corrected on my opinion.

The Egg


Day 26 (2023-05-20): The egg. In 3 days, they shaped it perfectly.

Parent 1


Day 28 (2023-05-22): Proud parent, look at the mohawk!

My Stream Setup

I started live streaming on Twitch to record all the progress and after that export all the VODs to YouTube. This was my setup to get a closer look of the nest. All the close up shots of the nest are because of this setup and OBS. One of the stream is here.


Day 28 (2023-05-22): Privacy.



Day 41 (2023-06-02): Baby bird spawned in.

Feeding Time

A short clip of the baby bird getting fed, clipped from one of my Twitch streams

Day 42 (2023-06-03): Baby bird getting fed ❤️

Gourmet Food


Day 44 (2023-06-05): Gourmet food time.

Wait for Food


Day 46 (2023-06-07): Waiting for the food.


The birds are gone now. I saw the baby bird grow, but I don’t know exactly when they actually left, but it was around day 54 (2023-06-16). I didn’t play around with the camera on the window, as I could see the parents were very cautious of any movement around the window, so I didn’t bother.

I saw one of the parents return, sit by the window, look around for a while and then they left. This was yesterday, day 84 (2023-07-15). Are they coming back?