I am marking this as the start for my 100DaysToOffload challenge.

My last post was in July, 2023. I have been wanting to write more about various things like my side projects, some hobby stuff I picked up, etc. but always held myself from posting things out. I would like to post even some of the not so refined pieces of work. I don’t expect people to read them all or learn from them but form a discipline of writing and publishing something.

I had made 2 attempts previously to publish weekly journals that worked for around 1 & 2 months respectively. Looking at the past failures, even maintaining a streak for weekly journaling again might be difficult. As of writing this post, there are 40 weeks remaining in the year. So I have already took up a challenge that requires more commitment than my past 2 attempts. Considering the things that are coming up ahead in the year for me, I will be really happy if I could maintain a good streak of posts.

Some of the themes I would like to cover in my future posts are below (in no particular order)

6 years at Skit.ai

Today (26th March), when I am writing this post, I complete 6 years at Skit.ai.

I should have good amount of experiences, stories, learnings, etc. to share from the last 6 years more than half a decade (saying this way sounds cooler) working at Skit.ai.

3d Printing

I bought a 3d printer in February 2023. I would like to create a catalogue of stuff that I have printed.

Raspberry Pi + Self hosted

I have been building a few side projects on my 3 Raspberry Pis (Model 3, 4 & 5). A few are some home automation things and a few are some self hosted solutions hosted on these Pis.

Side Projects

These are some small weekend side projects that I have worked on in the last year. Some of them can be good to write about I believe

Note Taking

I have been experimenting with some alternate note taking approaches. I have written about my note taking approach once before. I have tried working with Obsidian and Logseq but I keep coming back to Vimwiki. I would like to write about it again.

Music Posts

I have not been playing or practicing as much as I would like to. However, I would like to post about some of the pieces I am practicing, my motivation behind those or maybe some of the practice session recordings.

Mini Posts

I would like to publish small piece of write up as posts. They could be like some TIL type things, some productivity hack or something. I don’t know how I’ll do this like as a separate page in this blog or as a first class blog post.

These are not the only things I’ll post about. There are 99 more posts to go. I’ll definitely get some more themes to write about as I write in the next few months