2021-10-24: OOO, Playing Music


I was out of office on a trip to Andaman 2 weeks ago. I posted an anime filler like post 2 weeks ago just to keep my streak of weekly blog posts going but missed out on posting last week because I got sick right after I returned. I tried really hard to not miss my streak but I couldn’t make myself to write last Sunday.

First impression of Andaman, really nice people. Every person we talked to was super nice and helpful which doesn’t happen with me very often.


Somewhere in Havelock

I was impressed that Havelock, with a population of around 6,000 people was reasonably well accessible. Internet was slow but not non-existent. We were short of cash and conveniently there was an ATM nearby which was working. Thanks SBI.

I saw a beach for the first time in 2018 in Goa and now I have visited Radhanagar Beach which is apparently ranked as the 8th best beach in the world. As self proclaimed beach connoisseur, I would say it was pretty nice.


Radhanagar Beach

TBH, this picture doesn’t do the justice. It’s one of those you-had-to-be-there experience. I’ll leave usage of all the unheard adjectives for this place to the travel bloggers out there.

Playing Music

I used to be some what regular posting guitar covers etc. on my Instagram (in 2019 mostly) but not so much these days. One thing I like about posting is the practice you go through to record any piece. You need to record multiple times to get the cover just right and during the course of these iterations you perfect the pieces.

I usually pick what I want to learn, practice on Saturdays and record on Sundays. If the track is too difficult for me, I wait and practice for another week and then record (most of the times it’s just 1 more Saturday practice).

This is something which I was practicing this Saturday:

This was my first time playing this song. Clearly struggling.

Below is what I recorded today after practicing a lot yesterday and today.

TBH, I think it’s pretty average and not too great.

  • You can hear some strings ringing at multiple places which shouldn’t.
  • Notes at some places are not clean during transitions or slides.
  • Would’ve liked smoother transitions, more fluid. It sounds straight out of some tutorial and doesn’t seem to have a soul to it.
  • Audio quality is not too good. Should’ve normalized the audio properly.

I had a personal goal for myself to practice 20 hours every month. Very doable. I did make some effort on it but couldn’t continue it for long or atleast I stopped measuring these practice hours. I wonder if it’s even the right way to make yourself commit more. Sometimes you play for a few hours in a go and sometimes you don’t play for days.

I usually dabble around these days, play on some backing track or record something on loop and jam on top of it (I highly recommend buying a loop pedal to anyone). Thanks to WFH that I could do this.