2021-10-31: Future Posts

This is not a usual journal post talking about my past week. At this point, these weekly posts are not even weekly journals but straight up general blog posts. Will think about organizing them better.

I have a list of posts which I want to write over the next few weeks. A few of them are about the projects I have been working on and a few are some general topics I would like to write on.


Posts which I want to work on

Potential blog posts

1. midi-macro

I am working on improving the midi-macro package. Adding a few more features, better abstraction for macro plugins etc. Also, I am planning to buy small cheap midi pad controller and use it as a macro pad.


Something like this but smaller

2. Slate: Slack standup bot

Slack app for standup which we use at Skit. Planning to make a proper release of this project, maybe post it on Product Hunt, Reddit and a post about what has happened since the last post.

3. Made-in-x: 1 year update post

It’s been 1 year since I wrote a post on made-in-x, where I plotted the country of origin of a few of the products that I own. I had the plots updated for a while but for the last few months, it’s been a little stale.

I want to post on what has changed in the last one year: a diff/comparison between the original plot and the past year, identify anything interesting in the kind of products bought, source of purchase etc. maybe better plots?

4. Neovim lua config

I have been using my Vimscript based config with the latest Neovim as well which now has Lua runtime support embedded with it (in version 0.4 and above).

A lot of people have started writing plugins in Lua and I have also tried my hands on it. I have also started to port my configs to Lua. Neovim hasn’t dropped and won’t drop support for Vimscript but for the sake of consistency and future proofing my configs, I am porting it to Lua.

We don’t anticipate any reason to deprecate Vimscript, which is a valuable DSL for text-editing tasks. Maintaining Vimscript compatibility is less costly than a mass migration of existing Vim plugins.

Porting from Vimscript to Lua just for the heck of it gains nothing. Neovim is emphatically a fork of Vim in order to leverage the work already spent on thousands of Vim plugins, while enabling new types of plugins and integrations.

source: Neovim FAQ

Planning to write a post on my experience working with Vimscript vs Lua and the migration journey.

5. Task management/tracking workflow

I’ll write about my workflow for task management and tracking here. I have a few tools which I have been using for a few years now and a few which I have recently adopted. I have seen a lot of nice posts on people talking about their workflow and how they work, I am also planning to document my workflow in a blog post.

6. Vim + GitHub Copilot

Thanks to the “Vim plugin artist”, tpope, there’s now a vim plugin for GitHub Copilot. Installed it 2 days back and haven’t tried it much to comment on it. But I’ll surely be writing about my experience with it in a few weeks.

PS: A few senteces in this post were completed by Copilot which is kinda good and bad.

7. Vim Bengaluru

Organizing a meetup for vi/vim/neovim enthusiasts of Bengaluru: Vim Bengaluru. The first meetup is planned to happen sometime in mid November. Will post about the experiences in the meetup and more.

8. Split keyboard update

I had posted about building my first split keyboard here a few weeks back. However, I have not fully completed it yet. I don’t have all the parts to finish it and the only options to get them are either via cheap Chinese vendor or some expensive European or US store with high Indian customs charges.

Hopefully, in the next 2 months, I’ll get the missing pieces and have an update.