This song is from the latest Foo Fighters album, “Medicine at Midnight”.

I liked this song the most from this album. Although, there are other songs which are more famous in this album. I like the intro lick, it’s the hook, played for 2-3 bars initially without accompaniments, and then you can’t stop hearing the lick for the entire song in your left year. I tried to do the same, playing the riff in the left channel but it’s balanced as 75% left and 25% right, I liked it better. Also tried to emulate the signature Telecaster sound on my Les Paul. Of course not the best but works out ok I guess.

Dave Grohl was the one who came up with this riff. He’s definitely not the shredding type of guitarist but I like how catchy his compositions are. They are usually so simple yet so original. You would not usually hear solos in a Foo Fighters song, a few of their songs with solos that come to my mind are maybe Rope, White Limo, maybe a few songs in Sonic Highways?