Hey Joe

I don’t really like my cover of this solo piece of this Jimi Hendrix’s version of Hey Joe. I just wanted to get done with recording this. It’s a little off at a number of places. Usually, I never stop recording until I am completely satisfied but this is an exception. I think I just gave up.

The original plan was to record it as an acoustic cover but I would have to improvise a bit to play the solo on my Guitar. Firstly, I can’t easily reach the higher frets on my dreadnought and secondly, it’s difficult for me to bend on acoustic and I really wanted the distinct Jimi Hendrix’s sound which comes with his signature bends. Therefore, I played safe and went with the original solo.

The song is a conversation between two men, where “Joe” is mentions to the other that he found his wife cheating on him and he plans to shoot her dead. Further ahead in the song Joe says that he indeed shot her wife and now he will run away to Mexico.