Threedee: 3D Printing Utility

3D Printing

I have been into 3D printing since the last 1.5 years. I have loads of things to write about it, showcase some of the prints that I have done, etc. For now, I just want to quickly post about one of the small utility that I built for one of my recent project.

GitHub Skyline

GitHub Skyline is a 3D visual representation of your GitHub contributions over the past year, rendered as a cityscape. It provides a way to download STLs for each year that you can 3D print yourself.

As of writing this, GitHub skyline is not functional anymore. Fortunately, I have got a local backup of all the 3D STLs since the start of my GitHub account.


GitHub provides skyline / 3D STL only for a specific year. Below is how a single year skyline looks like.


My (vipul-sharma20) 2021 GitHub Skyline

I have built a script that can take a bunch of years worth of STL files, stack them together in order of year, in a calendar like style (5x2 matrix from 2014-2023).

I have built threedee, a 3D printing utility CLI for myself to add any modifications that I would require to make to 3D models programmatically. One of the work I have done here is to work with GitHub skyline designs and create a single model combining 10 years of contribution in a matrix like print.

Here is the interactive view of the skyline of my last 10 years of GitHub contributions.


10 years of contributions in 5x2 matrix. Check here for a better / more interactive view